Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Afternoon Tea Experience

You don't blog for months, and then 2 blogs come along in the same week!!!!

After yesterdays blog introducing the Afternoon Tea Experience I've been asked a few times what I am basing my scoring on, so here's a bit of an insight in to the complicated world of Afternoon Tea....

A.T.E: Afternoon Tea Experience
The scores are based on 3 simple rules:
1. Quality of the tea & cakes
2. Cake stand? 2 Tiers, 3 Tiers? Or no stand
3. The ability to pretend you're Hyacinth Bucket (the fine china, the teapot and strainer.... you get the picture)

And that is my definition of the Afternoon Tea Experience.
Afternoon Tea was 'created' by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who became peckish in the afternoon, she was given a selection of sandwiches and cakes and so Afternoon Tea was born. This is a somewhat condensed version, if you would like a much detailed version please visit

The Duchess started inviting her rich buddies round and it became a bit of a thing, and that is how I like to imagine the Afternoon Tea Experience - as though I'm sat with the Duchess of Bedford, in the 'drawing room' and scoffing some rather delicious sandwiches and cakes!!

T.R.T.T: Tea Room Taste Test
This is as simple as it sounds - the scores are based on how delicious the cakes and sandwiches are. But also the quantity - Quality and Quantity are very important in scoring of the TRTT!

So if you know of any gems of a Tea Room, and think they should shout about it - let me know and I'll shout about it for them!!

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