Monday, 27 February 2012

Tea and Roses

No Afternoon Tea tasting this week.... but that doesn't stop me enjoying some of the refinery that comes along with Afternoon Tea.

Obviously the cakes are a massive part of the enjoyment of afternoon tea, but if, like me, you have quite a few tea pots (probably more than you can use at anyone time!) you can always put them to good use... as a vase....

And these little beauties are my favourite tea cups in my "afternoon tea stash" of crockery...

I'm quite convinced they make tea taste even nicer!!! It's like triangle sandwiches taste better than rectangle ones, and square chunky carrots taste better than round sliced carrots! Or is that just me!!

If you have any recommendations for alternative shaped sandwiches, carrots, or anything else - let me know!! And if you've experienced any fantastic afternoon tea's in the Northwest please get in touch.

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