Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let them eat cake...

To say that I liked cake, would probably be the understatement of the year! So it seemed quite fitting for me to join a cake club!

Last night was my first experience of The Clandestine Cake Club of Warrington! And what an experience it was - somewhere that it's not frowned upon to go a get 3 or 4 (ok, maybe 5 or 6) servings of cake - BRILLIANT! It was just like All You Can Eat Pizza Hut, but with cake!

The theme for the evening was "Doing the Continental" - cakes from all different places throughout the world. Mine was a Caribbean Coconut Cake, sitting here diligently waiting to be scoffed...

The choice of cakes was mind-bogglingly fantastic! Some made with semolina, some gluten free, there were chocolate ones, lemon ones, cream ones, raspberry ones, wine and almond ones! I know I said I liked cake, but I honestly didn't realise how much variety you could get between 21 women!

The ladies of the cake club could not be more friendlier, and I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend the evening, than with a bunch of like-minded cake loving ladies, talking cake, Mary Berry, more cake, twitter, and a bit more cake.

All washed down with plenty of tea - all thanks to Coffee au Clay in Stockton Heath, and by the end of the evening I can honestly say I had, undoubtedly, eaten too much cake - something I didn't actually think was possible! The cakes were devoured and what was left we all took home to try, not much was left behind...

The cake club meet up every couple of months, and I'm already looking forward to the next one!

If you would like to experience some of the yummy cakes that The Clandestine Cake Club ladies make, then get yourselves down to Grappenhall Cricket Club, Broad Lane on Saturday 24th March, between 2pm - 4pm, as they are raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. It's £5 per ticket (or pay on the door) and you get a cuppa and some delicious homemade cake! Not to mention the raffle, with some fantastic prizes (which also include some amazing cakes!)

For more information check out this link...

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your first evening! :o)