Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Teacups and cakes

I couldn't have been happier when arranging a meeting the other day, and the lady I had to meet suggested a place in Manchester called Teacup and Cakes (on Thomas Street).

The fact that there were cakes mentioned in the name of the shop excited me already, but I hadn't seen anything yet!!!

Teacup and Cakes is in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, just around the corner from the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, down Thomas Street. From the outside it looks quite unassuming - red facias and a few metal chairs and tables, but when you get inside it opens up into an amazing, bohemian feeling tearoom.

Owned by the creators of 'Make us a brew', this tearoom is full of the 'Make us a brew' paraphernalia - which is a brand lovers dream!

It might sound a bit bonkers, but for a few moments, I felt like I was transported to a cafe in Little Italy, NYC. The buildings, the atmosphere, the fantastic cakes and I LOVE the fact that you can watch the masters at work - decorating all the amazing cakes.

And that's all before you get to the "tea experience". Never before have I been handed a timer, by which to time the brewing of the leaves, and then decant said brew into another pot, through a strainer. This is serious tea drinking!

There is an option of afternoon tea - but as our meeting was in the morning I didn't manage to get to try it. However, as it's never to early for cake, I opted for the victoria sponge cake. It was my own mini victoria sponge cake and I'm sure the cream in the middle was clotted cream - it certainly tasted that delicious!!

For all the loveliness of the cakes though, the fact that I missed out on an afternoon tea just gives me a great excuse to go back - not that I ever need an excuse for a spot of afternoon tea :)


  1. Looks wonderful! Think we'll be making a trip there soon!

  2. It's a fantastic place - the tea brewing and pouring is an art in itself :)