Monday, 12 March 2012

Tea for Two...

As a totally self-proclaimed 'expert' on Afternoon Tea, I jumped at the chance to whizz down the M62; off at Junction 30 to the beautiful Oulton Hall. Only a stones throw from the motorway, but a world away from anywhere once we turned into the drive.

We were booked into The Drawing Room/Library for Afternoon Tea - which is just as grand and elaborate as it sounds. Previously a stately family home back in the 19/20th century, with high ceilings, beautiful cornices, fireplaces and stunning ironwork on the staircases. 

Decked out in my Sunday best, the only way I can describe my anticipation and excitement, was like that of an eight year old after too much fizzy pop! The grandeur and surroundings just added to the expectation of what the Afternoon Tea would be like. With an extensive choice of teas we were spoilt for choice, so we plumped for the Oulton Blend - a blend of leaves created especially for the hotel, by Taylors of Harrogate. Tea was served in silverware, and lovely heritage china tea cups and saucers...

The three tiered stand was as big as a small child, yet the cute delicate sandwiches, pastries, cakes and scones were certainly not dwarfed by it! The selection of sandwiches consisted of salmon, cream cheese, ham and mustard and egg and spring onion mayonnaise – triangle AND finger sandwiches, this was afternoon tea heaven and I hadn't even got to the cakes.

The small but perfectly formed cakes were delicious. Fruit tart with a raspberry mousse, rockie road, chocolate cupcake - you name it, it was there! 

Fruit cake served with creamy chunks of Wensleydale, and what afternoon tea would be complete without scones… But being in the "rhubarb triangle" it was wholly appropriate that we should have Rhubarb and Cherry scones!

As if all of that wasn't enough the staff were attentive to every single person in that room - which is no mean feat when it was virtually full! Topping up tea pots, helping older visitors around the hotel, plus having a mind full of information and knowledge about the hotel and it's history.

Apparently, before Oulton Hall became a hotel it had been a field hospital during WWI and WWII, and then a mental institute! I'm told the cellar used to have padded cells, and there's chance of a few ghostly meetings down there!!! Most Haunted anyone?

With the option of champagne afternoon tea - in the champagne bar, leisure facilities and a spa, you could make a very special weekend of it at Oulton Hall - I'm hoping to go back in a few weeks for afternoon tea on the terrace - when the sun comes out!!

Hyacinth Bucket eat your heart out...

To book yourself a fantastic Afternoon Tea at Oulton Hall, just visit

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